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May 2008 Goals

May 8th, 2008 at 02:39 pm

I'm going to narrow down my objectives this month. Last month, I took on 4 tasks to do, and when I failed to do them, I failed BIG TIME. So, I'm going to keep trying to do all 4 again, but i'm only tracking two of them. That way, I will have made a definite stride toward progress, instead of being mediocre in 4 areas.

1. exercise every single day. I have run (5 miles on tuesday), played the greatest sport ever: Aussie Rules Football, or done the lifetime fitness ladder (i'm on rung 17 thus far) for the first 7 days of May. That is encouraging, and I am excited to be fit, once again.

2. don't eat any fast food. no mcdonald's, no wendy's, no taco bell, no fries from chick-fil-a. swinging through to grab a large fry is my vice, and i'm done with it. i ended up getting like 7 orders of fries in April. NO MORE! i'm fed up with taking steps backwards.

other things i want to do, but will not consider it failure if i fall short in daily pursuance:
a. i'm going to continue to try to read the bible every day. no pressure, but still very important to me to know Christ better in a personal relationship through reading the bible and prayer.
b. arise at 7:00am every day. not mandatory, but generally a good practice for getting quality sleep every night.


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